Call Recording Service

Why Record?

  • Call Recording for Training, quality and productivity.
  • Enabling Sales, SupportĀ and Management.
  • Perfect for Inbound/Outbound, Internal/External calls.
  • Recordings on Business App or Mobile App.
Just Ask...
  • Select who will have access to the files.
  • Option for All calls to be encrypted using AES encryption.
  • GDPR compliance:recordings are stored locally or in an Irish Data centre
  • PCI compliance: recording can be paused during the conversation, in case it is needed to take confidential information, such as Credit Card details.
  • High-quality automatic call recording of all lines.
  • Primary Rate ISDN, Basic Rate ISDN, analog lines or mixture.
  • Integrated Call management software.
  • Supports all leading telephone systems.
  • Unlimited channel capacity.
  • High-quality stereo recording.
  • Easy to read user interface.
  • Real-time graphical call summary.
  • Drill down real-time extension details.
  • Call volume reports, costing, statistics and alarms.
  • Extensive search capability.
  • Storage capacity dependent on hard-drive size.
  • Built-in DVD RAM for removable archiving.
  • Compression and encryption as standard.