Need to keep recordings of your Business calls?

Then look no further, we provide call recording solutions that offer affordability and peace of mind. Have a look at our range of recording solutions.

Landline Calls Recording – record your Analog or ISDN line at a glance.
Mobile Calls Recording – record your business mobile phones.
Recording IP / SIP / VoIP traffic – record calls of most IP-PBX.
Screen Recording – record your screen during calls.
Monitoring of calls – Supervisors can inspect which calls are active, missed, etc…
Agent/Call Evaluation – create custom-made score sheets and evaluate calls made by agents. To identify successful strategies and improve your business.
CRM Integration using API – store recordings with details from your CRM service.
Multiple locations – record calls simultaneously from different busniess locations and playback them all centrally.
PCI Compliance – ensure credit card details are not recorded.